• ChipGuard

    The World’s Only Guaranteed Stone Chip Protection

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  • ChipGuard

    Protects your paintwork from all the road can throw at it
    No seams, cuts, folds or edges
    Full protection for any size vehicle
    4 year warranty against stone chip damage

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  • ChipGuard

    Protect against unsightly stone chips which devalue you car and can lead to rust or corrosion.

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  • ChipGuard

    With ChipGuard film applied, stone chips and other environmental hazards literally bounce off…without damaging the paintwork.

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Paint Protection Film Has Evolved

From the moment you drive your new pride and joy off the forecourt, your beautiful paintwork is vulnerable to all that the road can throw at it. ChipGuard paint protection film was designed to give you peace of mind that everyday road debris will just bounce off, protecting your investment and keeping your car as good as new.

After more than 4 years of development, ChipGuard is the next generation of sprayable, peelable, guaranteed paint protection designed from the ground up to overcome the limitations of pre-cut adhesive film.

If you love your car, you’ll love ChipGuard, contact us for more information.

  • Protects from stone chips, road rash, scratches and key carrying vandals!!!

  • Is sprayed not laid, so covers intricate and tight radius curves without creasing

  • Has no limits on the size of the area covered

  • Covers the whole panel. You will never see an edge

  • Uses no adhesive so is easily removed, without heat or damaging the paint underneath

  • Does not need cutting on your car, so there is NEVER a risk of damage or rust

  • Will not lift or peel. Car wash and jet wash safe

  • Protects your paintwork against damage from UV rays, bird lime and tree sap

  • Will not fade or yellow

Why Paint Protection?

ChipGuard is a sprayable, peelable film that forms a barrier between your paintwork and things that are trying to damage it. Stones and other small items bounce off the film without touching the paint.

You’ve just bought a brand new car. It cost a lot of money, the paintwork is pristine and you want to keep it that way. But how?

Modern paint finishes are typically made up of 3 layers (primer, base coat and a clear coat, or lacquer). The total thickness of all three layers is around 120 microns. A human hair is only around 75 microns, so you can understand how fragile your beautiful paintwork is, especially if you have a high performance sports car that is low to the ground.

With the condition of our streets and the amount of roadworks we encounter, it’s no surprise that the front and sides of your car are under constant attack. Stones, rocks and other debris is thrown up, by the car ahead of you and your own tyres, causing chips and other damage to your pride and joy, maybe even before you’ve made it home.

When the top coat inevitably gets damaged it can expose the primer (or worse, bare metal) making these chips highly noticeable and maybe even letting the dreaded rust take hold, ruining the looks of your car, devaluing it and making it hard to sell.

But how do you prevent this? You may have heard of ceramic or Nano paint protection but these products are only 1 micron thick and offer no protection against impact damage. They do protect against environmental damage, will help maintain the shine of your vehicle and there are definite benefits to them, but if you want stonechip protection for your car, you need a paint protection film.

Originally invented almost 50 years ago as a way to protect helicopter rotors from abrasion damage, paint protection film or PPF is a clear film applied on top of your paintwork, forming a barrier between the stone and your car.

Although it has been around a while, there are just 2 types to choose from; the old fashioned adhesive based film or a more recently developed, technically advanced spray film (PPS). Both add a clear layer of around 200 microns over the top of your vehicle, creating a barrier between your paintwork and things that are trying to damage it.

Stones and other small items bounce off the film without touching the paint. ChipGuard PPS absorbs the damage and when you remove it your paintwork is as good as when ChipGuard was applied.

ChipGuard PPS also protects your car from environmental damage like acid rain, bird lime, tree sap, UV fading and more. Call us now to find out how to protect your investment and keep it looking like new.

If you want to protect it… ChipGuard it.

Paint protection film has been around for nearly 50 years. Early films were prone to yellowing, lifting and cracking. The finish wasn’t great either, but now PPF is less prone to those early problems and has greater clarity.

However, there are still some limitations; adhesive PPF is supplied on a roll and cut on a special machine to patterns that are made for different vehicles. That leads to some obvious drawbacks – what if there is no pattern? If you own a very new car or drive a rare classic, chances are there is no pattern for your car. You either have to pay for a pattern to be made or the film will be cut to size directly on your car, with all the risks that go with it.

Whether it is cut on a machine or on your car, ideally, the edge of the film should be wrapped around each panel to avoid lifting. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Just imagine trying to wrap a flat sheet around a tight curve or a pointed shape. If you’ve ever gift wrapped something with an unusual shape, like a ball or one of those perfumes that come in diamond shaped boxes, you will understand the problem. You get creases and folds that are unsightly.

The usual solution to this is to cut the film just a little bit smaller than the panel. But this leaves an edge that is visible and has adhesive on it. Over time dirt will accumulate here that you can’t get off. Maybe not a problem on a dark car, but how about a white one?

Size can be an issue. The rolls of film and the machines that cut it are a finite size. That’s OK if you have a smaller car, but what if you drive a Range Rover or Bentley Bentayga? You can have a small strip of film across your bonnet, or 2 pieces of film will be used, creating a seam.

The final point to consider is removal of the film. Over time, all those stones hitting the film will take their toll and show signs of wear. That’s OK, the point of PPF is the film gets damaged and not your car. But at some point, the film will need to be removed. Now, if it’s done correctly, removing adhesive PPF shouldn’t damage the paint underneath, but if it does, you might need a respray. To minimise this risk, apply heat to soften the glue and peel the film away slowly. It’s a time consuming process, so if you aren’t willing to do that yourself, budget an extra 50% of the install cost for film removal.

We think paint protection film is a great investment to protect your car, even with those limitations, but we’ve thought long and hard about how to improve it so that it really is like an invisible shield, guarding your car from damage. Our background is in spray painting cars and while paint doesn’t have any of the limitations of that old PPF, it’s also quite fragile. What we needed was either a paint that was bulletproof or a paint protection product that we could spray on.

4 years of testing and development later and we have ChipGuard a paint protection spray (PPS) that is painted directly on to your vehicle. You get the same high level of protection, without any unsightly seams or visible edges where wax and dirt can accumulate. There is no need for cutting machines or patterns and there is never any risk of cutting into your paintwork.

How large can we go? Because ChipGuard is sprayed, not laid, it doesn’t matter if you want to protect your car, your boat or your airplane! If we can spray it, we can protect it. And removal is a doddle. ChipGuard is not adhesive, so peels off quickly. No need for heat and no risk of damage.

We’ve tested ChipGuard thoroughly (ask to see the air pistol video sometime) and we are so confident it will protect your car we are the world’s only applicator to guarantee it. Check out our 4 year warranty; if the paintwork is damaged by stone chips during that period, we will not only replace the film but also repair the paintwork beneath!

If you want to protect it… ChipGuard it.

The typical warranty you get with most paint protection films will cover problems and defects with the film itself; yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering and delaminating.

The typical warranty you get from a PPF applicator will cover problems with the installation, but not damage caused when removing the film or even damage to the protected panels. Check out the links at the bottom of the page if you can’t quite believe that.

AX Welwyn have never been a typical business. We want to blow you away with our products and service and one way we do that is with our world beating warranty’s. And for our paint protection spray, we’ve done it again and are proud to present to you our Above & Beyond Warranty;

Above & Beyond the manufacturers standard warranty, and

Above & Beyond our paint protection spray being invisible, seamless and edgeless, and

Above & Beyond our paint protection spray covering any shape or size of vehicle without cuts, creases or air bubbles, and

Above & Beyond our promise that, unlike adhesive based films, removing our paint protection spray will not damage your car, we also give you this world exclusive warranty

Above & Beyond any other paint protection product;


The small print
As with any warranty, there are some terms and exclusions. We’ve kept ours as simple and common sense as possible. Here they are;

  • We are only covering ChipGuard applications carried out by AX Welwyn. Applications by other installers are covered under their own warranty
  • It’s a requirement of our warranty that the film is removed by AX Welwyn (a charge may apply)
  • If repairs are deemed necessary, they will be carried out by AX Welwyn as the sole remedy.
  • We are covering damage to paintwork due to penetration of the ChipGuard film by impact from flying debris in normal road use (stone chips), therefore;
  • Impact damage from road traffic accidents, parking scrapes etc. is excluded
  • Damage to unprotected areas of the car is excluded
  • Deliberate or vandalism damage is excluded
  • Dents to panels in the protected area are excluded
  • Damage caused while driving off road or on a racetrack is excluded
  • The warranty is not transferable

Not unless you want it to! Standard ChipGuard is completely invisible and will not yellow or fade but it can also be tinted like paint. Choose from over 60,000 colours if you want a new look for your car as well as protection from all the road can throw at it.

ChipGuard is sprayed not cut. There are no edges or seams where wax and dirt can accumulate and ZERO risk of damage during application.

No. Unlike pre-cut film, there is no adhesive in ChipGuard. Removing our film is quick and easy and will leave no residue or cause any damage.

Through a combination of chemical adhesion and surface tension. We can’t tell you any more than that, it’s a secret.

No. Ceramic coatings create a layer about 1 micron thick on your car. This layer is hydrophobic, makes your car easier to clean and protects against chemical and UV damage. ChipGuard is 200 times thicker than a ceramic coat and stones and other debris just bounce off

No, ceramic coatings are designed to stop things sticking to your paint, so they can affect how ChipGuard adheres to your car. We will remove any existing coatings or waxes before application. You can however apply a ceramic coat or wax over Chipguard if you want.

There’s a little bit of misinformation there. Ceramic coatings and paint protection films are 2 different products that do 2 different things. But don’t take our word for it, follow the links from 2 of the best known ceramic coat manufacturers to see what they say…

Feynlab Ceramic Coat Hardness Test

Gtechniq or PPF? – (scroll down a wee bit to question 6)

In short, ceramic coatings can slightly increase the hardness of your underlying paint, but they can’t (and don’t claim to) protect against impact damage from stones and other flying debris

AX Welwyn are an approved applicator of ChipGuard and our application centre is in Hertfordshire, however, we can collect and deliver anywhere in mainland United Kingdom via a covered car transporter at very competitive rates.

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